The Challenge

Meridian's founder and Chief Operating Officer Stan Driscoll had a dream. He wanted to deliver Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans directly to radiologists, rather than have the radiologists travel to various locations to read and interpret test results. He also needed to be able to process patients efficiently, from scheduling through billing.

The Solution

The experts at ABN/ABG listened carefully to Stan describe his goals. Then, using their expertise and a carefully selected combination of state-of-the-art technology, they created an infrastructure that made his business model a reality. "ABN was able to allow us to rapidly transmit images from one location to another in a very cost-effective manner," Stan said.

Today, Meridian electronically delivers MRIs from imaging centers to radiologists' offices, over a broad geographic area ranging across central and northern Illinois. The radiologists interpret the findings and dictate their report. Next, the report is delivered to the transcriptionist and converted to written form, then returned to the doctors for approval. In addition, the results can be delivered to the referring physician. The target turnaround time in total for these steps is 2 hours - compared to an industry standard measured in days.

"Here's our competitive advantage," noted Stan, pointing out that Meridian's doctors can average 50-80 cases per day versus 16 for the doctors who travel to centers to interpret results. The network also enables Meridian to provide higher quality interpretation as well as faster results, because centers have the ability to send images to the appropriate specialist, either a neuroradiologist or musculoskeletal radiologist. And the radiologists' homes are linked via ABG's network to their offices so that interpretation is available for emergency situations 24 hours a day.

As Meridian's business continues to expand, the network easily grows with it. It was designed with centralized hardware so that new connections could be added for minimal cost, and each new leg is custom-tailored for the amount of traffic expected. Security is also a top priority, and the network is in full compliance with HIPAA, the Health Information Private Accounting Act.

Meridian's quick-turnaround time, highly qualified doctors, and financial and technical efficiency is a dream come true for Stan. "I hope to keep expanding," he said. "With this infrastructure, we don't have geographic boundaries - our possibilities are limitless."

"I relayed a dream to ABN. ABN actualized that dream. They were able to allow us to rapidly transmit images from one location to another in a very cost-effective manner. It's efficient financially and technically."

Stan Driscoll, Chief Operating Officer
Meridian Regional Imaging