The Challenge

The partners at the accounting firm BIK & Co, LLP have always believed in the power of information technology, relying on it to help them maximize productivity and cost-effectively provide superior client service. Although they built and upgraded their own computers for several years, in 1996 they decided it was time to utilize IT experts to meet the growing challenges of efficiently integrating and accessing the tremendous amounts of data their work involved.

The Solution

After seeing firsthand how ABN put their expertise to work for a small business that was also a BIK client, BIK knew exactly who to turn to for IT solutions. Partner Chuck Martin recalled, "ABN looked at what we were doing, which was working at the time, and judiciously showed us where we could improve." Essentially, the first generation of enhancements totally changed BIK’s network and infrastructure, substantially increasing speed and capacity.

About five years ago, BIK identified another set of needs at their two offices - for e-mail (they had none), for high-speed Internet access (they had dial-up), and for security. They didn’t hesitate when ABN offered them a partnership opportunity in the newly-formed ABG, which provides high-speed Internet access with valuable managed services ranging from firewalls to remote network monitoring to e-mail management. "The idea of a managed services provider was unique," Chuck said. "It's been a success from a technological and administrative standpoint."

BIK turned to ABN when medical issues prevented one of the firm’s long-time accountants from coming into the office. ABN established remote connectivity enabling him to work from home. Now all the partners can take advantage of this productivity-booster. “Our product is time, not widgets,” Chuck commented. “Anything that makes us more efficient with our time translates into dollars. ABN has opened the door to making us more productive and allowing for flexible scheduling. It’s changed how we work and where we work.” In addition, ABN provided BIK with the ability to work on client systems remotely, maximizing productivity and expanding business opportunity. “We have the tools, capability, and technology to work on any company anywhere that has Internet access,” Chuck said.

As a numbers expert, Chuck is well aware of ABN’s value to BIK. “I get all of the expertise of a Fortune 100 IT staff without the cost because I get all the different skill sets from ABN for less than I could hire one senior person,” he said. “ABN is a tremendous resource for ideas and implementation. I trust and value them. I’ve learned the hard way about the value of a single point of contact who will handle everything from design to purchase to implementation to proactive follow-up.”

"I have peace of mind. I don’t use the term lightly, but at the end of the day, I’m not worrying about our technological infrastructure."

Charles J. Martin, Partner